Chinese to enjoy visa-free policy in Armenia

Citizens of China and Armenia can enjoy 90-day visa-free arrival in the other country starting from Jan 19 next year, according to the Chinese embassy in Armenia on Monday, Xinhua reported.

An Air China plane takes off from Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sept 25, 2019. (Photo: China Daily)

China and Armenia signed an agreement in May to exempt visas for ordinary passport holders, which will take effect on Jan 19, 2020, when legal procedures have been completed in both countries.

According to the agreement, Chinese and Armenian citizens holding ordinary passports of their own country can enter, exit or transit through the other country visa-free if the accumulative stay in that country is no more than 90 per 180 days since their date of arrival. Citizens who plan to stay in the other country for over 90 per 180 days accumulatively, or plan to work, study, live or provide news coverage should apply for a visa in advance.