CPC, 'one country, two systems' lead the way in Hong Kong
China Daily

Photo taken on Aug 5, 2019 shows China's national flag and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. (Photo: Xinhua)

In the 1980s, the world was still divided into capitalist and socialist camps that viewed each other as opponents. However, the Communist Party of China leadership creatively raised a plan that would allow one piece of its soil to exercise capitalism. Known as "one country, two systems", that principle allows Hong Kong to continue its capitalist system within the whole socialist Chinese nation.

That principle alone is enough to show the broad view of the CPC leadership. Never in this world does a sovereign country allow two systems to co-exist within its territory. Via this move of political wisdom and creativity, the CPC also has set an example to the world on best caring for the interests of residents on a piece of returned territory.

Since China's resumption of exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997, the CPC has honored its promise by strictly adhering to the "one country, two systems" principle. Hong Kong has since been listed as a Special Administrative Region that compatibly exercised capitalism in the socialist nation.

More importantly, when the "one country, two systems" principle faced a challenge from organized riots with foreign intervention in 2019, the CPC remained firm in defending it. On the one hand, the central leadership respected Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and did not send any personnel to directly pacify the riots. On the other hand, the central leadership has voiced its firm support to the Hong Kong SAR government in restoring order to society.

Further, the CPC leadership has been quick in fixing problems of the electoral system in Hong Kong. In March, the National People's Congress Standing Committee announced the electoral improvement plan for Hong Kong, the successful passage of which in the local Legislative Council in May is solid evidence of its being welcome among Hong Kong residents.

The CPC not only raised the principle of "one country, two systems", but also firmly guarded it from challenges, and carefully improved it when necessary. Hong Kong has a promising future and the "one country, two systems" principle will have a greater role to play.