Over 120 species of birds settle at Shanghai Disney Resort
China Daily

This photo taken on April 3, 2023 shows birds at Wishing Star Park of Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai, East China. Photo/Xinhua

SHANGHAI -- On the occasion of the 42nd Shanghai Bird-Loving Week, Shanghai Disney Resort announced on Saturday that 121 species of birds have been observed in its Wishing Star Park.

Since 2015, Shanghai Disney Resort has been carrying out monthly bird watching activities in Wishing Star Park, which provides numerous wintering habitats for migratory birds. It is the closest wintering point to the urban area and has the largest number of wild geese and ducks.

The latest bird-watching event at the park was held on Feb 16 this year, with a total of 36 species of birds observed during the event. The 121st newly discovered bird, the Glareola maldivarum, was discovered at a bird watching event on Oct 20 last year. The bird's body measures 20 to 28 cm in length, with a short mouth, long wingtip, black tail and white waist. The feathers under its wings are brownish red and extremely visible during flight. Capturing insects in the air, the bird's habits of flight and habitation are much like domestic swallows, preferring open land, marshes and rice fields.

Yao Li, head of the Shanghai Wild Bird Society, said that grassroots bird-watching activities have been held in Shanghai for more than 20 years, and a team composed of hundreds of people regularly participates in bird-watching activities. In addition, there are thousands of photography enthusiasts keen to take pictures of birds in Shanghai, said Yao.

This April, Shanghai Disney Resort will launch an array of fun and educational activities designed to inspire guests and cast members at the resort to treat the planet with greater care. The 42nd Shanghai Bird-Loving Week, scheduled from April 8 to 16 this year, will be co-hosted at the resort in partnership with the Shanghai Forestry Bureau and Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Association.