Chinese MOFA disputes 'meddling' in South Pacific with just an example


Chinese Navy's Peace Ark visited Papua New Guinea (PNG) and provided free medical services there on July 11, 2018. ( Photo:  VCG)

The US and Australia are expected to hold its annual consultations on foreign affairs and national security next week. Media reports say China's so-called "meddling" in the South Pacific will be on the agenda of the meeting. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying says China hopes the meeting's real intention is to promote regional peace and stability during the regular press conference on Tuesday.

"We do remember that many state leaders in South Pacific countries have clarified that unlike some countries, China truly respects the willingness of people and governments in these island countries," Hua said.

She also made an example to dispute the so-called "meddling" in the South Pacific: "China has provided the help they truly need. Recently, the Chinese Navy's Peace Ark visited Papua New Guinea (PNG) and provided free medical services there."

During the visit, about 4,000 people got treatment, which was warmly welcomed by local people. PNG's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill boarded the Chinese Naval hospital ship Peace Ark, highly praised the visit of the Peace Ark, and said that this visit had further enhanced the friendship and the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Hua also said that the Chinese Navy's Peace Ark will also go to Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and other Pacific island countries to provide humanitarian medical services.

"China will continue to strengthen ties with these island countries based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and contribute more to the peace and stability in the region," she added.