241 people reached summit of Qomolangma from north slope
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The spring 2019 Qomolangma mountaineering activity ended on May 30, during which 362 people were received and 241 people successfully reached the top of the world’s tallest peak from the north slope. The climbing activity on the north slope of Qomolangma was organized, safe and environmentally friendly, according to a statement released by the Tibet Autonomous Region government during a press conference.


With an altitude of 8,844 meters, Mount Qomolangma has a total of 20 routes to the top. The north and south slope of the two traditional routes are the main paths to access the peak. A total of 3,019 people have climbed Qomolangma from the north slope. 

In recent years, in consideration of climbers’ safety, logistics support, emergency rescue capability and the capacity of Qomolangma’s environment to handle crowds, the local government enhanced the management of the climbing process through the strict control of permits, limiting access during the climbing season and ensuring all tour guides are experienced. Relevant departments also strengthened local rescue capacity and formed a set of effective, safe and environmentally friendly rules to protect the north slope of Qomolangma and its climbers. 

(Compiled by Wang Zi)