Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang congratulates success of the Olympic spirit

(Photo: CGTN)

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are over. Athletes from around the world have returned home. Some with medals and new world records, and others without.

While the Games took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, changing how athletes and the public interacted with each other, Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang called the event a success.

"The Beijing Games have been streamlined, safe and splendid, and their success speaks volume. Humanity is empowered by its fighting spirit," he wrote in the article 'Inspiration from Winter Olympics — Together for a Shared Future.'

Ambassador Qin added, both athletes and the audience showed sportsmanship, saying it's the true meaning of sport, and that appreciation and support are what really matter.

"The Beijing Games are the first in history to be carbon neutral, and renewable energy was used in all venues, marking China's latest effort for green development. Artificial intelligence, 5G, high-speed rail, cloud broadcasting, VR technology have not only brought about transformative experiences of the Games, but will also improve people's daily life," wrote Ambassador Qin.

The Games also succeeded in engaging millions of Chinese people, introducing them into different winter sports and bringing new opportunities to an industry with big goals in China.

He closes his article by congratulating both Chinese and American athletes, noting "the Olympic spirit has offered us many things to learn. Let's draw inspiration from it and go together for a shared future."