Sun Lijun pleads guilty, verdict to come
China Daily

Sun Lijun, former vice-minister of public security, pleaded guilty for accepting bribes, manipulating the securities market and illegal possession of firearms during a court trial in Changchun on Friday.

Sun Lijun, former vice-minister of public security, stands trial at a local court in Changchun, Jilin province on July 8, 2022. [Photo/CCTV]

Sun was charged of accepting bribes totaling 646 million yuan ($96.3 million) and illegally holding two guns. He also instructed relevant personnel to continuously buy and sell through the advantages of concentrated funds, so as to affect the stock trading price and trading volume, according to prosecutors.

In his final statement in court, Sun pleaded guilty and showed remorse. A verdict will be given at a later date, according to the court.