Private vocational schools banned from using 'China', 'world' in names

Private vocational schools and training institutions are banned from using words such as "China", "National", "Nation", "Central", "International", and "World" in their names, said a regulation jointly issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.


Students learn to paint at a training school. (File photo: China News Service)

The policy requires that the names of privately-run vocational schools and training institutions should include information on their administrative district, industry and type of organization, while schools with special exemption from laws, regulations, and State Council decrees are spared.

The names should be related to the school location and features.

Private schools and vocational institutions should not use already registered school names, abbreviations or specific terms in their names.

Companies whose major business is not related to skills training cannot use words such as "technician college", "technician training school", "vocational training school" and "vocational skills training center" in their names until approved by authorities, according to the regulation.