Chinese police crack 7,880 cases in six-month crackdown on fraud targeting the elderly
China Daily

(Photo: VCG)

BEIJING -- Chinese police have cracked more than 7,880 fraud cases with the elderly as the victims in a six-month special operation starting this April, said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

More than 17,510 suspects were captured and 1,040 criminal gangs were taken down, said the ministry, noting that the national operation recovered over 8.4 billion yuan (around $1.26 billion) in financial loss for victims.

The crackdown targeted scams involving fundraising, illegal deposit-taking, pyramid schemes, contract fraud, manufacturing and sales of counterfeit goods and medicines, and other activities in disguise of elderly caring investment, according to the ministry.

The ministry vowed to maintain a tough stance against illegal activities of this kind and safeguard the rights and interests of the elderly.