Online platforms changing strategy to entice more consumption


(Photo: CGTN)

Competition is fierce in the e-commerce business, so much so that the various shopping platforms are not only trying to beat each other but also the customers. Limitations such as high costs, length of time for delivery or just general inconvenience put many customers off purchasing a product they really desire. This is something that hasn't gone unnoticed in the business, and the online retailers are fighting back.

E-commerce platforms are learning how to entice you to spend more. They're knocking down barriers and drawing you ever closer to the producers and suppliers. 

You've now got easier and quicker access to your favorite products and services, whether you like it or not. For instance, the new "Wang Hong" product – or the current Internet sensation when it comes to food – is a baby lotus root. However, its drawback was that it lost much of its distinctive allure during shipping, so they were very difficult to find online.

But, not anymore. E-commerce platforms recognized they were in hot demand, so they worked to make the delivery process more efficient. Farmers concentrated on the supply-side while the shipping went airborne. Thousands of baby lotus root lovers were drawn in.

And this isn't just a trend for fresh products either, but also electronics. When you're browsing specific product online, the platforms can recommend the most convenient place to make the purchase.

With an increasing amount of options at the dinner table, these platforms are giving you more and more incentives to spend. So, hold your wallet tight, or you might lose the fight.