Huangpu River crocodile captured
China Daily

The Siamese crocodile spotted earlier in Huangpu River of Shanghai was sent to an aquatic wildlife shelter after it was captured on Sunday by the local police.

The 80-centimeter-long crocodile was spotted on Sept 18 by residents on the bank of the river. The local police attempted to capture the reptile for the past six days, and 144 police officers, 12 police boats and 30 cars were involved in the operation.

No harm has been caused to the crocodile during its capture, according to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The police officers baited the trap with frozen fish, caught the crocodile with tongs, and removed it safely ashore.

Currently, there is no natural habitat for the Siamese crocodile in China. According to experts, this Siamese crocodile was most likely freed by its owner or escaped from a breeding farm.

Siamese crocodiles are classified as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species. China regards the species as a first-class national protected animal.

Farmed crocodiles enjoy the same level of protection as wild ones. Without approval from the authorities, it is illegal to sell or buy the crocodiles.

Zhao Xiaojing contributed to the story.