China's first deep-sea floating wind power platform finishes offshore construction

Photo: CFP

Offshore construction work on Haiyou Guanlan, China's first deep-sea floating wind power platform, has been completed.

The CNOOC announced that it has completed laying a 5,000-meter dynamic subsea cable. The cable opens a power transmission artery connecting the offshore oil and gas platforms of the Wenchang oilfield to Haiyou Guanlan, which is off the coast of south China's Hainan Province.

Haiyou Guanlan’s subsea cable is designed to operate at a depth of 120 meters, including three conductors with a cross-section of 70 square millimeters for 35-kilovolt cables and three 12-core optical fibers.

One end of the subsea cable is fixed to gas platforms of the Wenchang oilfield , and the other end is connected to Haiyou Guanlan. The subsea cable can meet a strict requirement of stable operation for 25 years, even in complex and harsh subsea conditions.

With an installed capacity of 7.25 megawatts, the average annual power generation capacity of Haiyou Guanlan can reach 22 million kilowatt-hours.

This means it will save nearly 10 million cubic meters of fuel gas each year and can meet the annual electricity demand of 30,000 Chinese people. It can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 tons.