Partial high-speed trains resume service between Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing

Hongqiao Railway Station is unusually deserted because many railway services have been suspended due to Typhoon Chanthu.

Limited high-speed railway service between Shanghai and Nanjing resumed at 11am on Monday, according to the China Railway Shanghai Group.

The resumed trains include G7011, G7013, G7017, G7016, G7018 and G7022.

At the same time, to meet the travel needs of passengers, nine two-way high-speed train routes in the Yangtze River Delta and one one-way route running between Beijing and Shanghai reopened on Monday. The resumed routes are train G4077/G4078 from Hangzhou East Station to Beijing South Station; trains G4051/G4052, G4053/G4054, G4055/G4056, G4057/G4058, G4059/G4060, G4071/G4072, G4073/G4074 and G4075/G4076 from Nanjing South Station to Beijing South Station; and train G4080 from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Beijing South Station.

A full ticket refund is provided, the group said.

Rail authorities will continue to follow the typhoon's development and make flexible arrangements, the group said.