Chinese vocational schools provide strong support for resumption of operations
People's Daily

Chinese vocational schools have provided a strong source of talent and intellectual support for enterprises in their bid to resume work and production through students' on-the-job internship or teachers' accelerated efforts in research and development.

Students of Changping Vocational School in Beijing help farmers sell strawberries using live streaming. (Photo/Li Song)

"If the enterprise needs us, we will take up the post!" said Kang Jia, a student from the Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, a vocational school in east China. Learning that the company had received an urgent order for the production of anti-epidemic materials, Kang Jia immediately engaged in maintenance work for the equipment.

"It's not just providing human resources, but also solving technical problems for companies,” according to Sun Chuanbing, a leader of the CNC technology application team from Zibo Vocational Institute.

Not long ago, Sun debugged the control system program for Qingdao TongJin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. in east China's Shandong province, resulting in its food packaging automatic line work efficiency increasing by 30 percent.

"The teachers and students of vocational schools have helped us a lot!" revealed Wang Jinjie, the person in charge of interns from the small and micro service center of the China Import and Export Credit Insurance Corporation Jiangsu Branch.

Wang Jinjie led several fresh graduates of Nanjing Vocational College of Information Technology in undertaking export insurance and follow-up maintenance for more than 9,000 small and micro enterprises in east China's Jiangsu province.

"Vocational colleges see organizing on-the-job internship as a link for promoting the integration of industry and education, and improving the level of schools and social service ability. In addition, they combine on-the-job internship with employment to guide students in establishing the right concept of labor and employment on the basis of actively responding to the practical needs of enterprises in resuming work and production, and help them find opportunities for skilled talents to excel in life," said an official at the education department in Zhejiang province.