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Teachers caught abusing children face life ban


China said any teacher confirmed to have abused, molested or sexually harassed students will be permanently banned from teaching.

The Ministry of Education said their teaching credentials, academic titles and honors will be revoked, and their misconduct will be recorded in the national teachers' management information system.

It added that no school will be allowed to hire them to teach or do research, or hold a management position.

It also said schools may be held accountable when their teachers are found engaging in immoral behavior.

The code was issued after a series of child abuse and sexual harassment cases shocked Chinese society.(Chinadaily)


Drop in flu seen despite vaccine shortage


Influenza infections in China will be less widespread this winter than last season, the nation's top disease control official said.

"Up to now, we have not found mutations of the flu virus. The outbreaks last year, the most serious in recent years, resulted in better immunization. We predict the number of outbreaks will be fewer than the previous winter."He said.

Many parts of China have reported shortages in supplies of flu vaccines, but the authorities have encouraged vaccine makers to increase production to meet demand.

"People should take precautionary measures, but there is no need to panic," . "We believe flu will not be a big problem this year and can be effectively controlled."he added.(CGTN)


US confident of DPRK promises despite weapon test


The United States remains confident that promises made by President Donald Trump and Democratic People's Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore will be fulfilled.

Report from the DPRK said the "high-tech tactical weapon" being developed by the DPRK had been developed over a long period and "builds impregnable defenses of our country and strengthens the fighting power of our people's army.

US vice president Mike Pence said the US would not require Pyongyang to provide a complete list of nuclear weapons and locations before the second summit but that the meeting must produce a concrete plan.(AFP)


Lady Liberty's original torch moved to Museum

屏幕快照 2018-11-16 下午8.17.26.png

The Statue of Liberty's original torch has been moved from the statue base to its new home in a museum that will open next year.

"We're moving the original torch from the pedestal to the new museum so that everyone who come here each year can have their opportunities to see it up close," said CEO Stephen Briganti of the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation.

The torch had been removed in 1984 because officials determined that it was too badly damaged to restore.

A new torch was installed in 1985 and the old one was placed in a museum in the statue's base.(AP)


Chipmaker probe continues apace


China's top antitrust authority said it has made "important" progress in its probe into three dominant chipmakers over possible price-fixing.

An anti-trust official said the agency has obtained and screened evidence from relevant companies and their downstream partners.

The comments came after the authority started an investigation in May on possible price-fixing by Samsung, SK Hynix, and US-based Micron over the last few years.

Wu said the next step is how to define the case itself, how to address their market dominance as well as the companies' relevant practices.(Xinhua)


Huawei sets up African cloud server


Huawei will start operating cloud services in South Africa in December, as the Chinese mainland company expands its presence in the global cloud arena.

Its rivals, including Amazon and Microsoft, are all looking to tap into the growing demand for cloud services among African countries.

The company is deploying a regional data center in Johannesburg, covering cloud services across neighboring countries and regions. More data centers are also in the pipeline.

Huawei has been operating in Africa for 20 years, enriching African people's lives with its information and communication technology solutions and services, said Li Peng, president of Huawei Southern Africa Region.

"We better understand the African market and will meet customers' current and potential needs. We are aiming to unleash the latent capacity by introducing cloud computing, one of the key engines driving the growth in this era," Li said.(Chinadaily)


Macedonian ex-PM fled in Hungarian diplomatic car: Albanian police


And Former Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski used a Hungarian diplomatic vehicle to escape through Albania, that's according to police in Tirana after Budapest formally denied any involvement. 

The police statement said Gruevski left Albania on Sunday using a border crossing to enter Montenegro. 

Hungary has said it would "consider the assessment of the former Macedonian prime minister's asylum request to be solely a legal issue".(AFP)


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