FM spokesman criticizes US containment efforts
China Daily

(Photo: VCG)

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Wednesday criticized Washington's economic containment of China with its allies, saying China will continue to work with the international community to oppose economic coercion and bullying and safeguard the rules of the world economy.

Zhao made the remarks after the United States reportedly urged its allies including Japan to follow its lead on restricting exports of advanced semiconductors and related technology to China.

Speaking at a regular news briefing in Beijing, Zhao said for quite a while the US has abused export control measures to maliciously block and suppress Chinese companies and coerced its allies into joining its economic containment efforts.

"This has severely destabilized the global industrial and supply chain, seriously violated the rules of free trade and undermined the economic development and livelihood of countries," he said.

Zhao also said China hopes countries will take into consideration the long-term interests of their own country as well as the fundamental interests of the international community and make the correct decision independently.