Schools to reopen to over 84,000 junior three students in Beijing

Staff members rehearse for students' returning at a classroom of the junior high school department in the Beijing Chenjinglun High School in Beijing, capital of China, May 8, 2020. Students in their final year of junior high schools will return to school on May 11 in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua]

BEIJING - Over 84,200 students in their final year of junior high school in Beijing will resume class starting from Monday, May 11, as the COVID-19 epidemic is under control, the municipal education commission said Friday.

Over 13,200 teachers will also return to classrooms, said Li Yi, spokesperson of the commission.

Li said junior three students are more in number and also younger, so more detailed management measures will be taken to prevent infection.

On April 27, nearly 50,000 senior students of high schools in Beijing returned to campus to start their postponed new semester.