Two Sessions in a Nutshell Episode 1: An overview
People's Daily app

With the opening of this year's two sessions, the People's Daily app has launched a series of talk shows entitled Two Sessions in a Nutshell, decoding the background of the two sessions and analyzing hot issues that will come up at the meetings.

The first episode explains the purpose and composition of the two gatherings, and their roles in the Chinese political landscape, clarifying the differences between political institutions in China and the West.

As the two sessions get underway, information on this year's agenda will be made available.  

Be sure to stay informed with the People's Daily English app for the coming episodes of Two Sessions in a Nutshell.

(Produced by Yan Yiqiao, Liang Peiyu, Wang Xiangyu, Qiao Wai and Han Xiaomeng; story written by Han Xiaomeng)