Murder suspect Chan Tong-kai still willing to surrender to Taiwan: Carrie Lam
Global Times

Chan Tong-kai, a Hong Kong citizen accused of murdering his girlfriend in Taiwan in 2018, bows in front of the media as he leaves the city's Pik Uk Prison. (Photo: VCG)

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said Chan Tong-kai, the Hong Kong man who killed his girlfriend in Taipei and triggered social unrest in HK, is still willing to surrender to Taiwan, and the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) government is willing to offer assistance.

Lam expressed sympathy and condolences to the parents of victim Poon Hiu-wing at a press briefing on Monday, saying that Chan is a free man under Hong Kong law and there is nothing more they can do under the current judicial system.

Lam said she learnt from Reverend Peter Koon Ho-ming that Chan feels guilty and is willing to bear the legal responsibility.

Chan, who was released from Hong Kong prison in late October 2019, apologized for killing his girlfriend and reiterated his willingness to go to Taiwan to surrender. Just before he was discharged, the Taiwan authorities, who had publicly refused to accept him, suddenly changed their stance and announced that they would send their law enforcement officers to the HKSAR to escort Chan to the island for trial.

However, due to the political situation and the COVID-19 epidemic, the Taiwan authorities gave the cold shoulder to the Hong Kong government regarding communication in other aspects, said Lam, noting that the HKSAR government is willing to provide assistance after the communication between the two sides returns to normal.

Chan killed his girlfriend Poon in Taipei in 2018 and escaped to Hong Kong, where he could not be charged with murder. As there is no extradition agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan, Chan could not be sent back to Taiwan either.

Chan's case led to a month of social unrest and violence in Hong Kong in 2019.