State Council's safety teams identify 1,400 hazards
China Daily

A miner works at a coal mine in Lyuliang, Shanxi province. (Photo: China News Service)

Inspection teams dispatched by the Work Safety Committee of the State Council have identified over 1,400 safety hazards as they forge ahead with their work in 16 provincial regions, including Shanghai, Liaoning and Jiangsu province, according to a media release from the Ministry of Emergency Management.

Since they started the inspection on Sep 23, they have visited 331 companies in 47 prefecture-level cities, said the ministry, where office of the committee is based. Inspectors have made specific requirement on how to rectify these problems.

The inspection aims to resolutely curb the occurrence of major workplace accidents, it said. Work safety management is local authorities' endeavor to guarantee stable energy supply, risk control measures in key industrial sectors and precautionary measures for extreme weather events are among the major concerns.

As inspectors have found, for example, some local governments and enterprises have failed to work out emergency response plans for extreme weather events such as heavy snow, frost and cold air in a timely manner based on local conditions, the release said.

"Without taking into full consideration the potential adverse impacts from these extreme weather events to work safety, they haven't prepared sufficient emergency supplies," it said.

The inspection drive will conclude in November, the ministry said. Inspectors will not only expose problems, but also will guide local governments and enterprises to address their safety hazards.