Chinese air force donates 15 mln yuan to children's fund

The Chinese air force has donated 15 million yuan ($2.39 million) to the China Children and Teenagers' Fund.

It targeted education in impoverished old revolutionary bases, including south Jiangxi, Fujian, the Guangdong border area, north Shaanxi, east Gansu, the Ningxia border area and Dabie Mountain, in order to provide intellectual support.



"The donation is to ensure that the children in these areas can attend and afford school, to give full play to the role of education in poverty alleviation, and to stop poverty from passing from generation to generation," Song Kun, a disciplinary official of the air force, said at the donation ceremony.

The donation came as a part of the latest round of the air force's charity project to help impoverished children back to school. They will target their aid towards 3,600 college, middle school and primary school students, and help build 13 schools in the provinces of Jiangxi and Yunnan.

Over the 24-year history of the project, a total of 140 million yuan has been donated by officers and soldiers of the air force, helping more than 28,800 children finish school.

They have also helped build 94 schools, held skill training for 3,910 teachers and teenage girls, treated and cured over 1,000 children with congenital heart disease, covering 14 extremely poor regions across the country.