CPC National Congress holds group interview on comprehensive educational reforms

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its sixth group interview in Beijing, with the theme of “comprehensive educational reforms.”

Delegates from China's educational division took questions from Chinese and foreign journalists.

Cultivating the spirit of workmanship

In order to cultivate the spirit of workmanship, which is highlighted in Xi Jinping's report to the 19th CPC National Congress, efforts are needed from both school and society, said Liu Zhihuai, vice president of Xinjiang Hami Vocational and Technical College.

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Firstly, both students and teachers need to change their mindset, as many people currently hold the wrong ideology regarding vocational and technical education. The students need to know the importance of the spirit of workmanship in turning them into talents of the society.

Secondly, the society should foster respect for vocational and technical education. The social status and income level of workmen also need to be upgraded to cultivate the spirit of workmanship from an institutional regard.  

College entrance examination reform

College entrance examination reform is a systematic process, which gained much attention from the whole society, said Yu Lijuan, secretary of the CPC Shanghai Education and Health Work Committee.

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Yu said the college entrance examination reform project in Shanghai was activated in 2014 together with the integrated educational reform. The reform project was carried out based on the principle of equality and in a scientific way. Much effort has been made in building an integrated evaluation system and student enrollment mechanism.

So far, 52 major reform regulations and 214 important measures carried out in Shanghai have achieved positive outcomes.