First geographical census maps out Tibet's forest areas and transport links
By Global Times
Global Times


Authorities in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday released the region's first geographical census bulletin, showing that 93 percent of the region is at an altitude of 3,500 meters or above. 
By using high-resolution remote sensing image technology and conducting field investigations, the local government spent three years examining all the natural, cultural and geographic elements of the region, Liang Jianping, head of Tibet's land and resources department, said at a press conference held in Lhasa on Wednesday. 
Liang said that based on gathered information, the region has drawn a geographic map and established a database for the first time, the China News Service reported. 
According to the bulletin, the altitude of 93.69 percent of the region is 3,500 meters and above. It also figured out the coverage, structure and space distribution of 10 types of forestry and grass. Specifically, the total coverage of forestry and grass is around 0.93 million square kilometers, which constitutes more than half of the region. 
Moreover, the total length of railway networks in Tibet is 796.61 kilometers, and the highways at township level and above have a total length of more than 44,847 kilometers, Liang said. 
Liang added that the longest highway is in the far western Ngari prefecture, which is 11,175 kilometers long.