China's Guangdong invites individuals to develop uninhabited islands

GUANGZHOU, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Do you want to have an island in China? It is now possible in southern China's Guangdong Province, which allows entities or individuals to use a number of uninhabited islets for purposes such as tourism and aquaculture from Friday, according to the Provincial Department of Natural Resources.


Sunset scenery of the Lingding Bay, south China’s Guangdong Province  (File photo: VCG)

Guangdong will transfer the right to use islets through ways such as bidding and auction, according to a document which took effect Friday.

The time frame for developing the uninhabited islands varies for different uses: 25 years for tourism and recreation use, 40 years for public warfare projects and 15 years for aquaculture.

Real estate development is prohibited, the document said.

After the application of those who wish to develop the islands is approved, ownership certificates shall be issued.