Beijing to improve service quality in commerce, service sectors

Complicated self-checkout counters, unkept public restrooms, and difficulties in parking are among the service quality issues Beijing has vowed to address in the city's businesses over the next three years.


High-rise buildings in Beijing's central business district (CBD), December 4, 2018. (Photo: IC)

On Wednesday, the Chinese capital's commerce bureau and other authorities issued a three-year action plan to improve service quality in the city's commerce and service sectors.

Currently Beijing is home to 513 large-scale shopping facilities, 13,450 chain stores, 75,000 restaurants, and 692 e-commerce platforms.

In a survey on customer satisfaction issued yesterday, respondents say there is room for improvement in the restrooms and parking lots affiliated with shopping malls. Meanwhile, 80% respondents said domestic workers need to improve their skills.

The city's new plan sets out 14 tasks, with specific targets of improvement to include malls and supermarkets, housekeeping services, laundry services, etc.

The plan also sets out 10 to-do lists, such as building 10 food streets providing nighttime services, building or upgrading no less than 300 breakfast diners, cultivating 20 model business communities, and building 3,000 retail complexes providing daily convenience. In addition, the city aims to ensure that 90% of the city's restaurants and shopping malls will meet the accessibility requirements of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics.

The commerce bureau also selected 100 people to help to oversee the service quality of its businesses.