110 red pen refills a year: a teacher prepares for the college entrance exams
By Yu Kaili
People's Daily app
Recently, Zhang Jian, a chemistry teacher at Wugang Third High School in Wuhan, posted a picture online, which shows the 100 red pen refills that he used to correct his students' homework in one year. (Photos: Chinanews)
Zhang says it takes him nearly two hours to correct students’ homework every morning.
He marks error-prone exercises and writes thoughtful comments on their assignments.
These used-up red pen refills show this teacher's respect for his students' hard efforts.
This picture shows his collection of used-up red pen refills. That's about twice the amount teachers usually use in a year.
Zhang teaches chemistry in class.
Zhang helps students with chemistry exercises patiently.
Zhang hopes that his students will get good grades in the coming national college entrance exams.