China's largest comprehensive scientific research ship to be built in Guangzhou
Global Times

Aerial photo taken on Nov. 21, 2019 shows China's polar icebreakers Xuelong 2 (R) and Xuelong at an area close to China's Zhongshan Station. China's polar icebreakers Xuelong and Xuelong 2 will conduct scientific researches in the Southern Ocean. (Photo:Xinhua)

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and the Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Unmanned System signed on Saturday a contract to build China's largest comprehensive maritime scientific research ship in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, in a move seen as further boosting the country's marine exploration capability in regions including the South China Sea.

According to, the new ship, designed to be 117.2 meters long, 21 meters wide, and 5.4 meters of draft, is a comprehensive maritime scientific research vessel with an optimal performance, as well as a record displacement of more than 10,100 tons..

The ship will also meet the requirements of a strengthened B-level ice zone, use full electric drive, DP2 dynamic positioning system, and be equipped with a 360 degree full-view cab.

The vessel will feature scientific exploration equipment and supporting operation equipment such as multi-beam, single-beam, thermohaline and depth sounder, and there will also be reserve space and interfaces for more scientific research equipment.

The construction of the vessel will not only enable multi-disciplinary marine scientific investigations to be conducted, but also will meet the needs of expanding China's future marine scientific investigations.

China has around 60 commissioned scientific research ships such as the Xuelong-2 icebreaker and Shiyan-6, a modern vessel that is focused on geophysical exploration and seismic acquisition and processing.