Beijing to finish garbage station refit by year's end
China Daily

A resident in Beijing's Haidian district dumps kitchen waste into a trash bin according to the city's trash sorting policies, June 11, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)

Beijing plans to complete the renovation of household garbage sites by the end of this year, authorities announced at a news conference on Thursday.

Li Rugang, deputy head of the city's urban management commission, said 47,000 of the city's 81,000 garbage sorting sites satisfy regulations.

"Further work will be done to guarantee full coverage of garbage classification sites for each community," Li said.

Zhao Jigui, deputy director of the city's civil affairs bureau, said that Beijing recently launched a volunteer service to remind residents to sort their waste. Around 184,000 volunteers were recruited and have served for a cumulative 2.22 million hours as of the end of August.

Residents can now place sorted waste, including hazardous waste, into bins at garbage classification stations.