China publishes English edition of Aquatic Plants of China

BEIJING, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- China has officially published an English edition of Aquatic Plants of China, a book recording a total of 885 species of freshwater and marine higher plants in China.


China is among the countries home to the most diverse aquatic plants on earth. However, countries across the world know little about the basic situation of China's aquatic plant diversity. The language obstacle is one of the reasons.

The English edition, compiled by the researchers with the Wuhan Botanical Garden under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, systematically records 240 genera of freshwater and marine higher plants in China, basically covering the aquatic plant species distributed in China.

Ottelia acuminata, an edible aquatic plant endemic to southwest China, is in full bloom on Lugu Lake in Yunnan province. (File photo:

In the book, the latest research results of some taxa were annotated and classified, and the distribution area and habitat characteristics of each species were also recorded.

From the perspective of economic value and scientific research value, 500 representative species and 843 color pictures were selected to make 185 plates in the book, demonstrating close-up pictures of their original habitats, individual plants, flowers and fruits.

The researchers have previously conducted extensive field investigation, specimen collection and identification throughout the country to finish the book, which is expected to enhance the comprehensive understanding of China's aquatic plant diversity at home and abroad.