E-commerce companies urged to stop using non-degradable plastic bags
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E-commerce companies in key areas have been asked to stop using non-degradable plastic packaging bags and disposable plastic woven bags and reduce the use of non-degradable plastic tape, according to China's Ministry of Commerce.

Staff sorts express packages. (Photo: Chinanews.com)

A number of requirements were suggested: keep promoting energy conservation and efficiency enhancement of e-commerce companies, coordinated promotion of green supply chain management of express packaging, leveraging platform advantages to cultivate green development ecology, and ensure measures to be put into practice.

First, promote the publicity of laws and policies related to pollution prevention in the E-commerce business, to encourage E-commerce companies to take responsibility for green development and ecological environmental protection in society. E-commerce companies have been asked to apply advanced technologies and equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection, and to increase remote management and operation for enhancing digital operation capabilities.

Second, build an environment-friendly packaging supply chain by reducing the express packaging, promoting recyclable packaging, regulating the use of express packaging. E-commerce delivery platforms are encouraged to cooperate with recycling companies and recycling facilities for delivery boxes will be improved in key areas.

Third, take advantage of the e-commerce platform to encourage green enterprise and green consumption. E-commerce platforms will be supported to expand the sales of energy-saving, environmental protection, and green products, and to establish reward points, credit scoring or other mechanisms to encourage green consumption.

Last, all local commerce authorities will help regulations and suggestions to be put into practice. Relevant policies and funding plans will be published to support e-commerce for green development. The E-commerce Green Development Initiative and good examples of green e-commerce companies will be promoted to the public through national e-commerce public service platforms and channels such as newspapers, radio and television, and online media.

(Compiled by Yang Jiaqi)