Western countries have no right to interfere in Hong Kong affairs

China firmly opposes some Western countries' interference in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday.


(Photo: MFA)

Canadian foreign minister has made three statements on Hong Kong affairs since May. Spokesperson Geng Shuang responded Canadian side ignored China's solemn position, international law and basic norms of international relations, and repeatedly criticized Hong Kong's affairs and brutally interfered in China's internal affairs.

"We have repeatedly expressed our strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to it," said Geng, and stressed "Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs. We will never allow any country, any group of people or any individual to interfere."

"Any attempts to create chaos in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and disrupt its prosperity and stability will certainly be opposed by all the Chinese people and doomed to failure."

The spokesperson pointed out, at present, Sino-Canadian relations have been seriously troubled by the unreasonable detention of Meng Wanzhou by the Canadian side.

We rigorously request the Canadian side to reflect deeply on its mistaken position to make a pause on the brink of a precipice, he added.

On Hong Kong issues, Canada side should be cautious in words and actions, Geng warned, otherwise, it will surely cause further serious damage to China-Canada relations.

China stands with Russia on opposing foreign interference

China and Russia share common interests and demands in safeguarding national sovereignty and security, maintaining social stability and order, and opposing external interference, Geng said.

Recently there are some illegal protests taking place in Moscow. Russian side said there are evidences showing that the U.S. embassy to Russia was involved in these unauthorized rallies.

While Geng said China deeply agrees with Russia's position that Russia's adoption of measures to maintain social stability has sufficient legal basis.

Some Western countries then jumped out at this time, pointing their finger and doing "small action", he noted and said these foreign forces' engagement in Russia affairs are similar to what they are doing in Hong Kong.

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently said on the Hong Kong issue that Western interference in China's internal affairs is not only a theoretical intervention, but they do everything they can to contain China.

Geng said China fully endorsed and highly appreciated this statement as it sharply pointed out the disgraceful role played by some countries in Hong Kong's violent activities and exposes the real intention of external forces to incite violent incidents to destabilize Hong Kong.

Chinese people has right to make voices heard

The spokesman also defended the right of Chinese people and media to introduce China's policies and tell Chinese stories through overseas social media platform.

A reporter said Twitter and Facebook's banned a number of accounts saying they spread false information about the protester in Hong Kong and arguing these accounts are dominated by Chinese government.

Saying that he didn't know the specific situation the reporter mentioned, Geng stressed overseas Chinese and students "of course have the right to express their point of view".

When responding to the question if Chinese media had purchased some advertisements on Twitter to "negatively describe the demonstrators in Hong Kong", Geng said "What is happening in Hong Kong, and what the truth is, people will naturally have their own judgement."

"Why is it that China's official media's presentation is surely negative or wrong?" he added.

He also said, "I don't know why certain companies or people' reaction is so strong. I don't know if it has hit some of their weaknesses."