Shanghai to return to normal on Wednesday
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Shoppers wearing face masks walk through a reopened shopping mall in Shanghai, China, Sunday, May 29, 2022. (Photo: AP)

Shanghai authorities say the city will fully resume normal work and life starting from Wednesday.

Full bus and subway services will be restored as well as basic rail connections and domestic flights to the rest of China, Vice Mayor Zong Ming said at a press conference Tuesday.

River ferries will also resume operations in an orderly manner, Zong said.

Taxis and car-hailing services will also resume normal operations. Except for medium and high risk areas, closed-off and controlled areas, private cars will be allowed starting from Wednesday, according to Zong.

Shanghai recorded 29 new cases on Monday, continuing a steady decline from more than 20,000 a day in April.

(Compiled by Chen Rui)