First elderly coronavirus-infected patient recovers in Wuhan
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The first elderly patient diagnosed with the novel coronavirus pneumonia was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, capital city of Central China’s Hubei Province on Wednesday, marking the first cured elderly patient in the province.


The patient with a medical professional from Tongji Hospital. (People's Daily/Cheng Yuanzhou)

The 78-year-old man has recovered and was discharged Wednesday from the isolation ward at a local hospital. The man was infected while playing table tennis and visited the hospital after experiencing a headache, dizziness and lack of strength on January 9. He was cured after four days of treatment on January 22.

At present, the patient's body temperature is normal and qualified for the discharge criteria of the novel coronavirus.

"It turns out that this disease can be defeated," said Zhao Jianping, leader of the medical group of Hubei Province, adding he would continue his research and find a treatment plan as soon as possible.

(Compiled by Wang Zi)