EU reiterates support for China in battling virus
China Daily


(Photo: IC)

China stands ready to strengthen information, policy and technical exchanges and cooperation with the international community, including the European Union, to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Premier Li Keqiang said.
Li made the remarks in a recent telephone conversation with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, according to a press release published on Saturday.
The country is making an all-out effort to prevent and control the outbreak in an open, transparent and orderly manner and with rigorous measures, Li said, adding the Chinese government and people have the confidence, resolve and capability to prevent and control the contagion.
Saying the pressing task at the current stage is to contain the spread of the epidemic, treat infected patients and ensure the Chinese people and foreigners in China live normal lives, Li stressed the nation is endeavoring to guarantee medical supplies needed by medics working on the frontline.
He expressed hope the EU could provide necessary assistance to China in the urgent purchase of medical supplies from EU member countries.
Von der Leyen said the EU highly respects and recognizes the measures China has taken to contain the outbreak, and admires its quick action in dealing with the epidemic.
The EU is willing to do its utmost to mobilize available resources to provide assistance to China as best it can, and will coordinate its members to facilitate the purchase of medical supplies, she added.