China Red bookstore, a cultural landmark of Yan'an
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A red building in Yan'an City’s Baota District is especially eye-catching. An open stone book in front of the door holds five bright red stars. The words "China Red bookstore" behind it are very conspicuous. Here is the cultural landmark of Yan'an, the revolutionary holy land.

The bookstore opened in April 2017 operated by  the Yan'an Xinhua Bookstore, with a floor area of 2,000 square meters. It is known as the "most beautiful Xinhua Bookstore in China". There is a huge sculpture of farmers playing with a waist drum at the front of the bookstore. It features Ansai waist drum style reading lamps, five-star style chandeliers and red flag style bookshelves, symbolizing its patriotic theme. The bookstore attracts an average of 2,000 visitors a day.


The China red bookstore is full of people. (Photo: VCG)