Chinese Embassy to UK denounces British MP's anti-China allegations
By ​Xu Liqun and Zhou Zhuobin
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London (People's Daily) – A spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy to the UK denounced British MP Iain Duncan-Smith’s latest anti-China allegations.

File photo: Agencies

In a Sunday television interview, the British MP again accused China of “trying to infiltrate and subvert people within UK’s political system.” He also attacked China on issues related to Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

The spokesperson said that Duncan-Smith has a habit of spreading false information to slander China, misleading the British public and undermining the friendship between the people of China and the UK.

“His accusation is sheer fabrication and nonsense. His allegations about China's Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong affairs have distorted the facts and are viciously slanderous. No one with basic common sense would be deceived by his words.”

The spokesperson stressed that China has never interfered in other country’s internal affairs.

“We are also firmly opposed to interference by anyone in China’s internal affairs. We call on the relevant British politicians and the like to spend time on addressing the problems of their own country and stop spreading rumors against China or interfering in China’s internal affairs.”