Chartered plane flies major Chinese trade delegation to Dubai
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With the goal of developing China’s dual circulation economy, South China Airlines has carried out more than 200 charter flights to help enterprises resume work and production in 2022.

Photo: People's Daily

In the most recent on December 17, China’s Guangdong provincial government sent 270 foreign trade enterprise representatives to Dubai on South China Arline CZ5069. The flight carried representatives from industries including housing construction, smart home apps, textiles and clothing. In Dubai they will attend the 13th China (UAE) Trade Fair. This group is the largest group sent by China’s governmen on a chartered flight in 2022.

According to Zhang Minqing, general manager of external cooperation of Miolante International Exhibition Co, Guangdong “grasped the opportunities of opening the market, and boosting global trade; as well as containing the pandemic.”

(Compiled by Zhang Tianchen)