Splendid views in China as October arrives 
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China transforms as the calendar flips to October, and a selection of photos show the amazing views of various parts of China. This photo is taken at Wulan Butong Grassland in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. (Photos: People’s daily)
The majestic Danxia landform at Qicai Danxia scenic area in Zhangye City, northwest China's Gansu Province.
Harbin National Forest Park in Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province.
The golden rice fields in southwest China’s Yunnan.
The golden rice fields in southwest China’s Guizhou.
The Tarim River, an endothermic river in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Xianmi Forest Farm in northwest China's Qinghai Province.
Shengjing Mountain in central China's Hubei .
Beijing Labagou Virgin Forest Park.(Compiled by Ma Xiaoxi)