Centenarian villager donates $7,400 to new college students
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Jin Shunzhu's handwritten letter (Photos: CCTV News)

Jin Shunzhu saved for nine years to donate 50,000 yuan ($7,451) to newly admitted college students in need of financial support.

"Helping children get an education is my greatest wish," says Jin, a 100-year-old resident of Zetang village in Fotang township, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

Jin leads a frugal life of simple meals like rice and preserved vegetables.

In his spare time, he makes brooms.

"A broom for 10 bucks," he says. "Not only can I earn some income, but I can also exercise a bit."

In a letter to his local authority on June 28, Jin asked the government for help finding the right recipients.

Jin once quit school due to a lack of money.

"Education can change a destiny," he says.

(Compiled by Dong Feng)