China stabilizes grain output with organized steps
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A farmer uses a shovel to separate grains of wheat from the husk in Zhangyao village of Erlang town in Xiping county, Central China's Henan province on May 26, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)

China continues to carefully manage grain production to maintain stable output before the harvest of early-season rice in South China.

This year, China's central government gave funding to over 600 key counties to promote high-yield, efficient, resources-conserving and eco-friendly agriculture techniques.

In addition, the country is moving forward with digital transformation in the agricultural field to boost efficiency in production and operation.

Ten demonstration counties for digital agriculture technology and four pilot zones for digital villages have been built in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. The Hongwei Farm of Beidahuang Group has installed a remote pest monitoring and forecast system that saves farm workers the trouble of wading into the field to check for pests, plant by plant.

Summer sowing is generally complete across the country while double-cropping late-season rice has not been planted. In Northeast China, rice and maize are growing stems and soybeans are flowering.

Each grain powerhouse across the country is taking key steps to manage fertilizer and contain disasters, plant diseases and pests to secure a bumper harvest of early-season rice and autumn grains.

(Compiled by Chen Rui)