US to only get burned if it fans flames on Taiwan issue: MFA
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China reiterated the Taiwan issue is fundamentally different from Ukraine's and warned the US to stop fueling the tensions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on Monday.

"Some people in the US have repeatedly linked two unrelated issues to smear and attack China. This is out of ulterior motives," Wang said.

"The Ukraine issue is the outbreak of conflicts accumulated over the years. The root cause is the security issue in Europe and the NATO's unlimited eastward expansion", Wang said, noting that it takes more than one cold day to freeze three feet of ice.

According to the spokesperson, the US has kept fueling the tension instead of reviewing its due responsibilities, calming the current situation and promoting peace talks. The US arms dealers and gas companies are prospering while the European countries are paying the price for refugees and economic instability caused by the war.

"Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory, which is fundamentally different from Ukraine being a sovereign state", Wang said. "By deliberately comparing the Taiwan issue with the Ukraine's, some in the US aim to create a new crisis across the Taiwan Straits to serve the geo-strategic and economic interests of the US at the expense of the regional peace and stability and well-being of people on both sides of the Straits."

"The determination and will of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity are unbreakable. Fanning the flames on the Taiwan issue will only end up getting burned", Wang added.