Measures to curb tour group meal waste
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Targeting food waste in some tourist groups, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently launched measures to curb waste of food in tourism, thus enhancing group traveling experience, and boosting the recovery of tourism.

Many factors may cause group meal waste. On one hand, tourists order more food than they can eat. On the other hand, it's because of the failure in the quality or hygiene of the dishes, that tourists hardly have the appetite to eat them all.

Tour group meals should be upgraded to prevent waste. A good example are the diets targeting tourists from different regions. As the consumption levels rise, tourists now need not only enough food but also satisfactory choices. Kitchens can adjust to different tourists' requirements. Food wastage will decrease as kitchens improve food quality and receive more positive feedback from customers.

Internet and big data could be a great aid to optimize tour group meals. A smart order system can swiftly gather diners' preferences and respond to the kitchen. According to the data, kitchens can accurately adapt their procurement and servings to customers' needs and avoid excess stock. Moreover, the smart system can depict 'portraits' of customers and assess the categories, preferences and quantities of servings in advance, thus reducing wastage in the production chain.

(Compiled by Wang Qin)