China criticizes US attempt to ban Dutch chipmaking tech exports to China


BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Wednesday censured the United States for pushing a Dutch supplier to stop selling chipmaking gear to China, calling the U.S. moves a typical example of "tech-terrorism."

Zhao made the remarks at a regular press briefing when answering a query on reports that the U.S. is pushing the Netherlands to ban ASML Holding NV from selling mainstream technology, the most advanced systems, or DUV to China.

"It is another example of the United States abusing its national power and relying on technological hegemony to engage in coercive diplomacy," Zhao said.

Zhao said that in the current context of globalization, the United States has repeatedly politicized, instrumentalized and ideologically oriented on technology and economic and trade issues, and imposed "technological blockades" on other countries, which will only make these countries realize that relying solely on the United States for technology will not work.

"This will also prompt countries to accelerate their realization of scientific and technological independence and self-reliance," the spokesperson added.

Zhao also said he hopes that relevant parties will uphold objective and impartial positions, proceed according to their own long-term interests and the principle of a fair and just market, and make decisions independently.

(Subtitles by Li Peitian)