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Liaison office of China's central gov't in Hong Kong condemns radical, illegal atrocities

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A principal official with the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Monday strongly condemned the radical violent acts of a small number of violent lawbreakers in Hong Kong.

The official called on the whole society to firmly support the HKSAR government and the Hong Kong police force in stopping violence, ending chaos and restoring order, as well as to jointly safeguard the rule of law and social security in Hong Kong.

Violent attacks were committed on Sunday in multiple locations in Hong Kong, and small radical mobs attacked police stations with lethal weapons including petrol bombs and large caliber shooting devices, the official noted.

No place in the world can tolerate such outrageous and extremist atrocities, said the official, adding that Hong Kong will slide into a bottomless abyss if the terror atrocities are allowed to continue. (Xinhua)

Typhoon Lekima leaves 49 dead, 21 missing in China


Typhoon Lekima has left 49 dead and 21 missing in eastern Chinese provinces of Zhejiang, Shandong, and Anhui, wreaking havoc with strong gales and torrential rains.

The ninth and strongest typhoon of the year has affected 6.68 million residents in Zhejiang, among whom 1.26 million were evacuated. It damaged 234,000 hectares of crops, inflicting a direct economic loss of 24.22 billion yuan. 

In Shandong, it has left five people dead and seven missing, affecting 1.66 million people and forcing the relocation of 183,800 as of Monday morning, said the provincial emergency management department. (Xinhua)

US says will deny citizenship to immigrants who use public benefits

US says will deny.jpg

US President Donald Trump’s administration announced Monday new rules that aim to deny permanent residency and citizenship benefits to migrants who receive food stamps, Medicaid and other public welfare.

Announcing a new definition of the longstanding "public charge" law, the White House said migrants will be blocked from entering the country if they are likely to need public assistance, and those already here will not be able to obtain green cards or US citizenship. (AFP)

UK gov't to launch urgent probe into Friday's mass power cuts


The British government said it will launch an investigation into a major power cut that affected nearly one million people and sparked transport chaos in England and Wales on Friday.

The mass power blackout shut down train services and affected the power supply to Newcastle Airport and Ipswich Hospital, according to news reports.

Power was restored to more than 900,000 customers after what National Grid Electricity System Operator said was the almost simultaneous loss of two large generators. (Xinhua)

S. Korea's exports drop 22 pct in Aug. 1-10 period


South Korea's exports posted a double-digit drop for the first 10 days of this month on weak sales of semiconductors, customs office data showed Monday. 

Exports, which account for over half of the economy, reached $11.5 billion during the August 1-10 period, down 22.1 percent from the same period last year, according to the Korea Customs Service. 

Imports dropped 13.2 percent over the year to $14.2 billion in the 10-day period, sending the trade deficit to 2.7 billion dollars. (CGTN)

China Eastern Airlines launches new Disney-themed airplane


A new aircraft depicting Duffy and Friends made its maiden flight Monday in celebration of the upcoming Duffy Month, scheduled in September at Shanghai Disney Resort.

The new airplane marks the fourth Disney-themed aircraft to join the company's fleet as part of its partnership with Shanghai Disney Resort. 

A series of Duffy-themed events both at the airport and in-flight were also introduced. (Xinhua)

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What instrument does a doctor use to learn if a person has a fever?

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Today’s quote is from Greek philosopher Epictetus (50 - 138). 

"Difficulties are things that show a person what they are."

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