Beijing to improve international language environment for Winter Olympics

BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) -- A special action plan to improve the international language environment for Beijing Olympic Winter Games was approved lately, according to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Government on Wednesday.

The National Stadium hosts a skiing event in January to promote knowledge of ice sports and the Winter Olympic Games. [Photo/Xinhua]

The plan covers five aspects that needed to be improved, namely, the foreign language environment in Beijing Winter Olympic competition areas, the standardization of foreign-language signs, the foreign language service ability in the city, the legalization of the international language environment, and guidance of social participation, with the aim to promote international language environment in an all-round way.

Specifically, it proposes to strengthen the guarantee of international language service during the Games as well as its linkage between Beijing and Hebei, to effectively improve its service environment in Zhangjiakou competition area and its surrounding areas.

To ensure full coverage, high quality and zero error during the Games, it also urged to speed up the special legislation on the international language environment, including the use of foreign language signs in six types of public places.

It also proposes to enhance the public service hotlines by providing high-quality remote translation services in eight languages, such as 110, 119, 120 and 12345.