Chinese Vice President reiterates China's economic opening-up, calls for cooperation

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan. (Photo: Xinhua)

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan reiterated China's economic opening-up at the 2020 Innovation Economy Forum on Tuesday. 

Wang stressed the importance of cooperation to get through these difficult times and maintain common interests, against the backdrop of an international situation that is becoming more complex.

China will resolutely continue its opening-up and let the enormous market to become the world's market shared by everyone, he said. 

To do so, Wang said China is taking practical actions to expand imports and reduce investment limitation, while optimizing the business environment domestically, which is set to be more institutionalized, international and convenient.

China is also promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, and deepening multilateral and regional development in an effort to take the global economy towards a more open, inclusive, balanced and reciprocal direction, he added.

Wang stressed that the logic of division of labor and coordination in the world economy has not changed, and the trend of economic globalization has not changed either. Disasters and challenges shouldn't divide our world, instead they should be the starting point from where different countries come together and cooperate. 

Countries in the world need to take actions together to build pandemic prevention and control coordination mechanisms, and take a firm hand in containing the spread of the pandemic, Wang said. 

He also proposed that countries need to build an open economy that everyone can benefit from and win together. The development results need to benefit all countries, social classes and all groups of people.