China plans to build a smart and green logistics system by 2025


China recently released its first national five-year plan on modern logistics to accelerate building a smart and green logistics system by 2025.

The plan was released by the General Office of the State Council. It stresses work to improve the resilience and safety of the industrial chain and supply chain, promote the construction of a modern logistics system, improve the quality, increase efficiency, and cut the costs of modern logistics.

By 2025, a modern logistics system featuring supply-demand adaptation and domestic and external connectivity will be in place, and it will be safe, efficient, intelligent and green, according to the plan.

To achieve the goal, the plan maps out the government's work in six aspects, including accelerating the integration of logistics hub resources, building major international and domestic logistics channels, improving the modern logistics service network, extending the value chain of logistics services, strengthening the service guarantee of modern logistics to people's livelihood, and improving the emergency response capacity of modern logistics.

The plan also lists the government's tasks to reinforce the support system for modern logistics development, including improving the business environment, innovating institutions and mechanisms, strengthening policy support, deepening international cooperation, and strengthening organizational assistance.