Cold to linger in Beijing a little longer
China Daily

The capital took precautions to prepare for a cold wave that is expected to last until Tuesday, the local weather department is forecasting.


People walk in the wind in Beijing on Nov 17, 2019. (Photo:

Heating facilities in districts of Beijing have been asked to increase their capacity to provide appropriate temperatures for residents as a cold wave approached over the weekend, according to urban management authorities. Nearly 900 workers in 36 special rescue teams have been on 24-hour standby for emergencies.

The National Meteorological Center issued a blue alert as it forecast cold overnight temperatures in eastern China through Tuesday morning. Lows in the region are expected to hover around 6 to 8 C in coming days.

On Saturday afternoon, the Beijing Meteorological Service had issued a blue alert for cold. Over the weekend temperatures fell to -3 C with highs of 11 C. Temperatures are expected to plunge to -5 C on Monday night.

China has a four-color weather alert system, with red representing the most severe, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

The local weather department also warned residents to secure objects that might fall and cause damage or injury during strong winds. Winds reached 88 kilometers per hour on Sunday afternoon, with blowing sand.