Beijing urges Washington to remove restrictions on Chinese diplomats

China strongly opposes and has lodged solemn representations against the US State Department's decision to impose additional restrictions on Chinese diplomats carrying out their regular official activities in the US, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told media at a press conference on Thursday. 


File photo: MFA

"We urge the US to withdraw relevant decisions, and support and facilitate the Chinese diplomats in conducting official activities in the US instead of deliberately setting obstacles," Geng said. 

A senior US State Department official said earlier that Chinese diplomats in the US must now give advance notice of meetings with state, local and municipal officials in the US as well as meetings at educational and research institutions, calling the decision "a response" to how US diplomats are treated in China. 

Calling the US' claims "totally groundless," Geng said that China has always supported and facilitated US officials in carrying out regular official activities in China while providing necessary conveniences when needed.