Wuhan imposes strictest quarantine measures amid fight against the novel coronavirus
Global Times


(Photo: Xinhua)

Wuhan's novel coronavirus prevention and control authorities announced on Sunday that all patients diagnosed with pneumonia-related fever or who have been in close contact with infected patients will be quarantined. 

District regulators in Wuhan, center of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, will dispatch special vehicles to send the people involved to concentrated quarantine spots, in order to facilitate further medical observation, treatment or other prevention measures, the city's prevention and control command center said.  

The length of the quarantine will be decided by the results of medical tests, and all residents should cooperate.

Wuhan public security authorities will enforce quarantine measures in accordance with the law if a person refuses to cooperate.

Earlier on Sunday, the city authorities vowed to focus on treating and quarantining four types of cases in a bid to effectively combat the spread of the disease. They are confirmed cases, suspected cases, cases where the possibility of infection cannot be ruled out and cases of people who have had close contact with infected patients.